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The Advocates' Journal has been an institution within the Society and the profession since 1982. Published quarterly and mailed to all members and subscribers, it features articles on substantive law and practice, in-depth interviews with senior advocates, commentary on professionalism, court reform, alternate dispute resolution and related issues, book reviews and personal history. We are always pleased to consider your articles for publication. For submission guidelines, click here


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Archive: The Advocates’ E-Brief
 The Advocates E-Brief

"The Advocates' E-Brief" was published regularly in PDF, e-mailed to members and posted on our web site.


To read or print archival issues, please click here.


Books from The Advocates' Society

The Advocates' Society: A History of its First 40 Years.

 The Advocates History




Established in 1963, The Advocates’ Society has a rich and storied past, which can be enjoyed in a publication titled The Advocates' Society: A History of its First 40 Years.


To read or print this publication, please click here (PDF may take a few minutes to download).




Learned Friends: A Tribute to 50 Remarkable Ontario Advocates, 1950 – 2000


learned friends                                  

The Advocats' Society marked its 40th anniversary with a number of special projects, including the production and publication of a book titled Learned Friends: A Tribute to 50 Remarkable Ontario Advocates, 1950 - 2000, written by noted author Jack Batten. To order your copy, please visit Irwin Law.

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos: The Best of The Advocates’ Society Journal 1982-2004



The Advocates’ Society published some of the best articles from our highly-regarded quarterly in a book titled Ethos, Pathos, and Logos: The Best of The Advocates’ Society Journal 1982-2004. This collection of classics can be purchased from Irwin Law.


Institute for Civility and Professionalism


Best Practices – A Practical Guide to Civility


Best Practices   Born out of the frustration of two young lawyers, the Young Advocates' Standing Committee, in conjunction with the Institute for Civility and Professionalism and The Advocates' Society, hosted a Symposium on Civility in February 2012. Members of the bench, senior bar and junior bar were invited to participate, with the purpose of canvassing the very real problems young counsel may face, and exploring ways in which the bench can assist in changing behaviour.

The result? Real, practical solutions for members of the profession, as well as a guide for Judges and Masters on how to better deal with obstructive conduct, which is too often the product of an adversarial system.

Click here for the Best Practices guide in English.
Click here for the Best Practices guide in French.




Principles of Civility for Advocates / Principles of Professionalism for Advocates

In 2008, the Honourable Coulter A. Osborne, Q.C., called for a renewed emphasis on civility in his Civil Justice Reform Project: Summary of Findings & Recommendations.  The Advocates’ Society responded by launching its Institute for Civility & Professionalism to provide opportunities for training and mentorship to the legal profession in Ontario.

To view or print the Media Release, please click here.
To view or print the Terms of Reference, please click here.
To learn about The Catzman Award for Professionalism & Civility, please click here.



Principles of Civility for Advocates: The Booklet and DVD

civilityIn 2000, The Advocates’ Society hosted a symposium to focus attention on the issue of civility within the legal profession, eventually publishing a booklet titled “Principles of Civility for Advocates.”

In 2009, the Society hosted a “Symposium on Professionalism,” distilling the principles developed at that conference into a set of valuable guidelines. The result was a second booklet titled “Principles of Professionalism for Advocates” which was published, together with an updated “Principles of Civility for Advocates,” in English and in French.  

To view or print this booklet in English, please click here.

To view or print this booklet in French, please click here.


Following The Advocates’ Society’s Symposium on Professionalism in January 2009, we created a DVD titled Choosing Civility, which includes three vignettes on how to deal with uncivil behaviour from a colleague. Each vignette is accompanied by discussion points designed to stimulate dialogue and reflection and to encourage constructive responses to incivility.



Bibliography on Civility

Annotated cases as they pertain to the “Principles of Civility and Professionalism for Advocates":

  • To view or print a list of recent cases pertaining to the “Principles,” sorted by case, please click here.
  • To view or print a list of recent cases pertaining to the “Principles,” sorted by principle, please click here.

To arrange for a civility training session for your firm, please contact Rose Yanco, Director of Education at



Reports and Symposia

Cross Border Litigation Manual

American College of Trial Lawyers

This Handbook is a product of the collaborative efforts of members of the Canada-United States Committee of the American College of Trial Lawyer and their colleagues. It is intended for use as a general guide for Canadian and American counsel faced with the prospect of litigation outside their own jurisdiction in the United States or Canada.

To view or print the manual, please click here.

An Advocate’s Guide to Good Mentoring

The Advocates’ Society is committed to providing effective mentoring to advocates who are in the early stages of their practice.  In addition to our regular mentoring dinners and receptions throughout the province, we offer our booklet titled “An Advocates’ Guide to Good Mentoring,” with helpful advice for both mentors and those seeking a mentor.

To view or print the booklet, please click here.

Streamlining Justice:  Final Report

The Advocates’ Society has long been a champion of the need for enhanced resources for the justice system.  In 2006, we invited a diverse selection of participants from across the province -- including representatives of the bench, the bar, government, the Ministry of the Attorney General, legal organizations, academia, and the public sector -- to a day-long policy forum to find ways of promoting more efficient, less expensive dispute resolution in our courts.  An overview of the policy forum discussions and conclusions was published in a booklet titled “Final Report: Streamlining the Ontario Civil Justice System.”

To view or print the booklet, please click here.

Report of the Advocacy Task Force

In 2003, The Advocates’ Society struck a task force in response to complaints and concerns about the lack of opportunity for trial and hearing-room experience for advocates, especially young advocates. We discussed the issue with the heads of other Ontario legal organizations, with the judiciary, with the Attorney General of Ontario and with advocates throughout the province, and in 2004, we hosted a Policy Forum on Advocacy.  The recommendations of our task were published in a booklet titled “Report of The Advocates' Society Task Force on Advocacy.”

To view or print the booklet, please click here.

To view or print papers from the Policy Forum on Advocacy, please click the title below:

Advocacy and Professionalism
Opportunities for Advocacy in the Ontario Court of Justice
Creating Opportunities for Advocacy and Preserving the Adversarial Tradition
On the Teaching and Learning of Advocacy
Rethinking How We Litigate to Ensure We Continue to Litigate
Working toward a Cost-effective Trial Advocacy System
Summary of Panel Discussion


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