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Why The Advocates’ Society?

Isador Levinter“I consider this first meeting of the Society an historic occasion. In these times of unrest, when the rights and liberties of the people are slowly being infringed upon and taken away ... we need more than ever a strong, independent and courageous bar.”

Isadore Levinter, Q.C., May 17, 1965


Members of The Advocates' Society recognize that effective advocacy is important to their clients, the courts and the pursuit of justice.  We’re concerned about issues affecting our profession and about the speedy resolution of every kind of dispute or legal issue.  We’re always seeking to improve our skills and share what we've learned with others. Join an association of advocates whose members are proud of their profession and dedicated to their clients and their community.

What’s important to you as an advocate?

About UsKeeping your skills razor-sharp?

The Advocates’ Society is the premier provider of advocacy skills training across Canada, with programs for all stages of your career. Our unique learning-by-doing programs keep your skills in check. Our publications such as The Advocates' Journal, provide helpful tips and in-depth analysis from practitioners who’ve learned on their feet and are happy to share their knowledge.

Having a voice on issues that affect your profession, your practice and your bottom line?
The Advocates’ Society regularly takes a stand, intervenes in the courts and makes submissions to governments on your behalf. Our members are regularly appointed to key consultative committees and act as amicus curiae. You’re concerned about access to justice, vanishing trials, solicitor-client privilege, and civility and professionalism . So are we, and we do something about it. The Advocates' Society is recognized throughout the legal profession and beyond for our commitment to legal reform.

Learning from the experience of seasoned advocates?
Our mentoring dinners and receptions give newer advocates unparalleled opportunity to discuss issues related to your practice with senior members of the bench and the bar in settings that are relaxed and collegial.


Getting the best start to your career as new lawyer?
As a new lawyer, you are eligible to join The Advocates' Society and benefit from everything we have to offer. In fact, our Junior Members—lawyers called from one-to-five years—do not have to meet the 75% advocacy requirement for Regular membership, because we understand that you may still be making important decisions on the direction of your legal career. For CLE, networking, mentoring and collegiality, you can't go wrong being an Junior Member of The Advocates' Society.  

Building a network of your peers for referrals and consultation?
It’s no secret that visibility is an important part of marketing yourself and your practice. The more you are known, the more likely yours will be the name people think of when they have questions to ask and cases to share. From our annual members-only End of Term Dinner and Fall Convention, to our Festive Reception and New Members’ Breakfasts, Young Advocates’ Wine & Cheese with the Bench and Pub Nights, to our Gala Tribute Dinners and Medal Presentations, our events are an enjoyable way to expand your circle of friends and contacts.

Knowing that you are part of an association that sets the bar high for its members and for the legal profession?
The members of The Advocates' Society are among the best of counsel -- the men and women who are making a contribution to the advocacy bar in Ontario and beyond. We practise as advocates in courts, administrative tribunals, government bodies, arbitrations, and other forums for dispute resolution; we are members of large and small legal firms; we are sole practitioners and we work in government and in industry. Included amongst our members are those who have been appointed to the bench.

The Advocates' Society was established in 1963 to ensure the presence of a courageous and independent bar and the maintenance of the role of the advocate in the administration of justice.

Join us and realize your own professional potential. Our strength is your strength.

Our Mission: Promoting Excellence in Advocacy


We are the authoritative voice of advocates within the justice system.

We attract members who are or aspire to be part of our community of best advocates.

We are an organization that is committed to providing members of all levels of experience with opportunities for mentoring, networking and collegiality, including special opportunities for young advocates.


We provide a dynamic platform for the discussion and exchange of ideas among members across regional boundaries.


We focus on performance based skills training and signature advocacy education programs.


We are committed to giving back to the community, including through pro bono services.


We are committed to open, transparent, accountable and financially prudent governance of the Society which supports the achievement of our vision.


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