Mentorship is a commitment by all of us to the future of the profession of advocacy. The Advocates’ Society has a long-standing commitment to the importance of mentorship in the profession of advocacy. In fact, the need for mentorship was at the heart of the reasoning for the creation of the Society. In his remarks at the Society's inaugural meeting held on May 17, 1965, one of its founders, Isadore Levinter, Q.C. said:

My conception of the purpose of this Society is not that it be a social club, but chiefly to encourage and help younger members of the bar become good counsel. This Society will provide a convenient place where barristers, junior and senior, can meet at all times on common ground and where problems and topics, not only legal, but of national concern, may be discussed. Out of this Society, I trust, will grow a powerful group of barristers, which will act as a body to give effect to the ideals of liberty and justice for which it stands.

The Advocates’ Society offers organized group mentoring programs throughout the year. Group Mentoring offers mentees the opportunity to pose questions to mentors in a safe and supportive environment.  Mentees also benefit from hearing the questions posed by their peers, which lets them know they are not alone in their questions or concerns. The social setting of group mentoring promotes diversity and inclusion by demonstrating that a variety of approaches and styles can be used to address challenges and achieve success in the profession.

A good dynamic in a mentoring group has the added benefit of leading to new connections for mentees, both with their peers and with the mentors, further building their network in the profession.


Mentoring Programs Currently Offered by TAS:

For more information on mentoring programs at The Advocates’ Society, please contact Robin Black, Director of Marketing and Membership,





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