Best Practices for Civil Trials


The Advocates’ Society releases Best Practices for Civil Trials


The Advocates’ Society is pleased to release the Best Practices for Civil Trials, which will play an important role in making civil trials more efficient and cost-effective moving forward.  The aims of the Best Practices are to enhance access to justice and help to preserve our civil justice system.

In January 2014, Associate Chief Justice Marrocco of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice laid down a challenge to the Board of Directors of The Advocates’ Society to scrutinize civil trials and determine practices that would lead to the more efficient trial of civil actions.  The Society formed the Civil Trials Task Force, led by Brian Gover (Chair) and Brad Berg  (Vice-Chair), which conducted cross-practice and cross-jurisdictional research into best practices for dispute resolution hearings.  In January 2015, the Society  hosted the Civil Trials Symposium, where over 100 representatives of the bench and bar as well as experts from other jurisdictions shared their ideas on what practices would make civil trials more efficient.

The work of the Task Force and Symposium participants has culminated in the publication of The Advocates’ Society’s Best Practices for Civil Trials.  The Best Practices, through the consultation phases in which the Task Force has engaged over the past several months, have received widespread support from both the bar and the judiciary.  Click here to read the Best Practices.


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