Past Presidents

The Advocates' Society Salutes its Past Presidents:


1965-66 John J. Robinette, Q.C. 1992-93 Eleanore A. Cronk
1966-67 Robert F. Reid, Q.C. 1993-94 Roger G. Oatley
1967-68 Robert S. Montgomery, Q.C. 1994-95 Mary Anne Sanderson
1968-69 Peter de C. Cory, Q.C. 1995-96 C. Clifford Lax, Q.C.
1969-71 Walter B. Williston, Q.C. 1996-97 Margaret A. Ross
1971-72 W. David Griffiths, Q.C. 1997-98 Harriet Sachs
1972-73 Charles F. McKeon, Q.C. 1998-99 Michael F. Head
1973-74 Arthur E.M. Maloney, Q.C. 1998-99 James A. Hodgson
1974-76 P.Barry C. Pepper, Q.C. 2000-01 Ronald S. Slaght, Q.C.
1976-77 Hyliard G. Chappell, Q.C. 2001-02 J. Bruce Carr-Harris
1977-78 Wendel S. Wigle, Q.C. 2002-03 Philippa G. Samworth
1978-79 John J. Fitzpatrick, Q.C. 2003-04 Jeffrey S. Leon
1979-80 Earl A. Cherniak, Q.C. 2004-05 Benjamin Zarnett
1980-81 Joseph W. O'Brien, Q.C. 2005-06 Linda Rothstein
1981-82 Theodore H. Rachlin, Q.C. 2006-07 Michael E. Barrack
1982-83 Kenneth E. Howie, Q.C. 2007-08 Michael Eizenga
1983-84 John P. Nelligan, Q.C. 2008-09 Peter J.E. Cronyn
1984-85 Peter Webb, Q.C. 2009-10 Sandra A. Forbes
1985-86 Bert Raphael, Q.C. 2010-11 Marie T. Henein
1986-87 Allan D. Houston, Q.C. 2011-12 Mark D. Lerner
1987-88 John R.R. Jennings, Q.C. 2012-13 Peter H. Griffin
1988-89 Rino A. Stradiotto, Q.C. 2013-14 Alan H. Mark
1989-90 Peter G. Jarvis, Q.C. 2014-15 Peter J. Lukasiewicz
1990-91 John F. Evans, Q.C. 2015-16 Martha A. McCarthy, LSM
1991-92 Terrence J. O'Sullivan


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