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Each year, The Advocates' Society supports a different charitable cause. Please see below for this year's initiative and for information on past campaigns.


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TAS Gives Back

Help Us Support Indigenous Legal Education

This year, in conjunction with TAS True North, our TAS Gives Back campaign is raising funds to provide scholarships at four Canadian law schools. We are asking you to Donate Your Rate. If every TAS member donated just 15 minutes of their billable rate, we would surpass our goal. The four law schools selected are leaders in Indigenous legal education in Canada and represent future advocates from coast to coast to coast.

For TAS Gives Back 2017, The Advocates’ Society will make an equal charitable donation to each the following four universities for the purpose of establishing scholarships at their law schools in accordance with the intentions set out below

a)     University of British Columbia;
b)     University of Saskatchewan;
c)     Lakehead University; and
d)     Dalhousie University.

These schools have been selected because of their commitment to Indigenous law students and to offering Indigenous law studies as part of their curriculum, as well as their national coverage for our TAS members across the country.

The scholarships will be established in accordance with these intentions:

  • One scholarship will be established at each University to be awarded to a qualifying student to be selected by that University based on financial need, with preference given to (i) Indigenous students and (ii) non-Indigenous students who have demonstrated a commitment to Indigenous law and/or Indigenous communities;
  • The name, amount, renewability and other terms of the scholarship will be determined by the Society based on discussions with each University.

Help us support access to justice for Indigenous communities by donating your rate today!

All funds raised for scholarships will be equally divided between the following schools:

UBC University of Saskatchewan Lakehead University Dalhousie University

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All donors will receive a 2017 charitable tax receipt from one of the four designated schools. We are unable to direct funds to a specific school.


War Child

War Child


For the 2015-2016 TAS Give Back Campaign, we asked TAS members to donate just 15 minutes of their billable rate, with a goal to raise $135,000 to help War Child continue its work providing legal counsel and representation to victims of conflict-related abuse. Thanks to the generosity of our members and sponsors, we met our goal with some to spare! The $140,000 raised will be leveraged to unlock $2.6 million in “match funding” from the US Department of State for War Child’s justice work in Uganda and Afghanistan. This support will thus have a tremendous impact on women and children’s access to justice in these countries.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2015-2016 "Donate Your Rate" Campaign


Platinum   Platinum Level - Donate 100% of their hourly rate.
Gold   Gold Level - Donate 50% of their hourly rate.
Silver   Silver Level - Donate 25% of their hourly rate.

Click here to see a list of donors


Making a Fundraiser: An Evening with Dean Strang



Inmate Appeal Duty Counsel Program


The 2015 TAS Gives Back charitable fundraising campaign will support access to justice by raising funds for the Inmate Appeal Duty Counsel Program.

The Inmate Appeal Duty Counsel Program gives the most disadvantaged members of our society meaningful access to their statutory right to appeal, by offering them
expert legal assistance for free. Most of the clients are vulnerable and marginalized. Many of them struggle with challenges such as mental health issues, illiteracy,
poverty, and lack of education. Members of First Nations are disproportionately represented.

Funds raised will provide financial support for a professional administrator or paralegal for the Program.



YASC Trivia Challenge

Wine & Art Auction




Education Law Project

Pro Bono Law Ontario

It shouldn't take a lawyer to help a child succeed in school, but sometimes it does.


Most people don't think of school problems as legal problems. Yet too many children across Ontario face unlawful conditions that keep them out of school, away from special education services or bullied. For the past decade Pro Bono Law Ontario and The Advocates' Society have collaborated to level the playing field for Ontario's disadvantaged school children.


We have the opportunity to help so many families across Ontario navigate a complex and confusing system. Please join in supporting the Education Law Project.


Click here for more information and to donate now.



President's Festive Fundraising Reception and Auction 2013 (Toronto)

President's Festive Fundraising Reception and Auction 2013 (Ottawa)

YASC Trivia Challenge




New Faculty of Law at Lakehead University


Alan Mark Lakehead

President Alan Mark addresses new students and faculty at the September 3, 2013 opening of the Faculty of Law at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay.


The Advocates' Society met its goal of raising $75,000 for the New Faculty of Law at Lakehead University!


Below is an excerpt from Lakehead University's thank-you letter:


"Thank you [Alan Mark], Peter Griffin, and your entire Board of Directors for all of the hard work towards “The Advocates’ Society Award” scholarships. Your gift will truly advocate for individuals who would not be able to afford to attend Lakehead Uniersity’s unique Law School program. Further, it will ensure that we can all encourage legal education and services in rural and remote northern communities."





President's Festive Reception and Fundraising Auction 2012 (Ottawa)

President's Festive Reception and Fundraising Auction 2012 (Toronto)

YASC Trivia Challenge 2013



"Children's Hospital Project" Fund Raiser


TAS Gives Back
















> YASC Trivia Night A Huge Success for TAS Gives Back!


In 2011, TAS Gives Back supported the Children's Hospital project in Ontario, by way of an existing innovative medical-legal partnership that relies upon lawyers — many of whom are our members — to address issues that can negatively affect the health of children.


This project has been developed by Pro Bono Law Ontario (PBLO), with whom our Society has fostered a lengthy and fruitful relationship. Originally launched in 2009 with the Hospital for Sick Children, the partnership already has served more than 1,000 children and their families, including

  • a child with chronic asthma and respiratory difficulties who lived in an apartment with leaky plumbing, which resulted in mould. The landlord refused to make necessary repairs until the triage lawyer sent a demand letter, resulting in repairs being made immediately;
  • a grieving father who lost his job because he refused to work overtime immediately after his son died unexpectedly from a virulent form of cancer. A pro bono lawyer successfully represented the family at the Labour Relations Board hearing for wrongful dismissal and the family received appropriate compensation in lieu of notice.

As the result of the growing demand for assistance, PBLO is now in the process of expanding this successful model to children's hospitals in other parts of the province. This is an ambitious undertaking, and this year our goal will be to raise the funds required to launch the expansion.






"Kemp House" Fund Raiser


In 2010, the Society’s then-president, Marie Henein, announced a new initiative called “The Advocates’ Society Gives Back” and launched a campaign, in partnership with Frontiers Foundation, to raise funds to build a proper house for the Kemps, a family living in a ramshackle dwelling on Bow Lake Road in Lanark Highlands, an hour’s drive east of Ottawa.


Click here for more details.


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