Officers & Directors

Our active and dedicated Board is comprised of leaders of the bar from across Canada. The Standing Committees and Task Forces of the Board are the forces behind everything the Society does to further its mandate – from CPD to advocacy to mentoring to collegiality. If you are a senior member of the bar, and a Regular Member of The Advocates' Society, who is interested in making a commitment to the  Society, express your interest in serving on the Board of Directors here. Not sure if you should apply? Learn more about the Board application process and what to expect as a Board Member from a panel of our Directors here.


Past Presidents

1965-66 J. J. Robinette, Q.C. 
1966-67 The Hon. R. F. Reid 
1967-68 The Hon. Justice R. S. Montgomery 
1968-69 The Hon. Justice P. Cory 
1969-71 W. B. Williston, Q.C. 
1971-72 The Hon. Justice W. D. Griffiths 
1972-73 C. F. McKeon, Q.C. 
1973-74 A. E. M. Maloney, Q.C. 
1974-76 P. B. C. Pepper, Q.C. , LSM 
1976-77 H. G. Chappell, Q.C. 
1977-78 W. S. Wigle, Q.C. 
1978-79 The Hon. Justice J. J. Fitzpatrick 
1979-80 E. A. Cherniak, Q.C., LSM 
1980-81 The Hon. Justice J. W. O’Brien 
1981-82 T. H. Rachlin, Q.C. 
1982-83 K. E. Howie, Q.C. 
1983-84 J. P. Nelligan, Q.C., LSM 
1984-85 Peter Webb, Q.C., LSM 
1985-86 Bert Raphael, Q.C., LSM 
1986-87 A. D. Houston, Q.C. 
1987-88 The Hon. Justice J. R. R. Jennings 
1988-89 R. A. Stradiotto, Q.C., LSM 
1989-90 The Hon. Justice Peter G. Jarvis 
1990-91 John F. Evans, Q.C., LSM 
1991-92 Terrence J. O’Sullivan, LSM
1992-93 The Hon. Justice Eleanore A. Cronk
1993-94 Roger Oatley
1994-95 The Hon. Justice Mary Anne Sanderson
1995-96 C. Clifford Lax, Q.C., LSM 
1996-97 Margaret A. Ross, LSM 
1997-98 The Hon. Justice Harriet Sachs 
1998-99 Michael F. Head 
1999-00 James A. Hodgson 
2000-01 Ronald G. Slaght, Q.C., LSM 
2001-02 J. Bruce Carr-Harris, LSM 
2002-03 Philippa G. Samworth, ASM
2003-04 Jeffrey S. Leon, LSM 
2004-05 The Hon. Justice Benjamin Zarnett 
2005-06 Linda Rothstein, LSM, ASM
2006-07 Michael E. Barrack 
2007-08 Michael Eizenga, LSM
2008-09 Peter J. E. Cronyn 
2009-10 Sandra A. Forbes 
2010-11 Marie T. Henein, LSM
2011-12 Mark D. Lerner 
2012-13 Peter H. Griffin, LSM
2013-14 Alan H. Mark 
2014-15 Peter J. Lukasiewicz 
2015-16 Martha A. McCarthy, LSM
2016-17 Bradley E. Berg, FCIArb.
2017-18 Sonia Bjorkquist
2018-19 Brian Gover, LSM
2019-20 Scott Maidment
2020-21 Guy J. Pratte, Ad. E., LSM, OC
2021-22 Deborah E. Palter
2022-23 Peter W. Kryworuk