Advocates in Action

Advocates in Action
As part of our mission to be a voice for advocates, The Advocates' Society ("TAS") undertakes initiatives that seek to improve access to justice, promote diversity and inclusion, protect judicial independence, and make submissions on matters of significance to the legal profession.  Advocates in Action is here to keep our members informed about and engaged with the Society's important advocacy work.

Past Issues

August 2023 Advocates in ActionAugust 2023

  • TAS calls for action on delays in the civil and family justice system
  • TAS is granted leave to intervene in CBC v. The King at the SCC, an appeal concerning how to balance informer privilege with the open court principle
  • TAS weighs in on a draft Ontario rule requiring the disclosure of partial settlement agreements

June 2023 Advocates in ActionJune 2023

  • TAS's successful intervention in Ontario (Auditor General) v. Laurentian University at the Ontario Court of Appeal, on the issue of statutory abrogation of legal privileges
  • TAS's effective advocacy for additional court oversight in the proposed reform of the federal judicial discipline process
  • TAS's defence of judicial independence in response to a bill mandating specific education for Ontario judges
  • The Chief Justice of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice joining other Canadian courts in supporting more advocacy opportunities for junior counsel in the courtroom

April 2023 Advocates in ActionApril 2023

  • TAS advocates for more court oversight in proposed amendments to the federal judicial discipline process
  • TAS calls for speedy implementation of e-filing and greater investments in courtroom technology in Nova Scotia
  • TAS recommends improvements to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice’s Guidelines for Modes of Proceedings
  • TAS urges Ontario members to vote in the LSO bencher election

March 2023 Advocates in ActionMarch 2023

  • TAS's recommendation that the Quebec Government consult with stakeholders on changes to the composition of the provincial judiciary;
  • The Chief Justice of Québec joins other Canadian courts in supporting more advocacy opportunities for junior counsel in the courtroom.

February 2023 Advocates in ActionFebruary 2023

  • TAS's call for members of the Law Society of Alberta to vote on a proposed resolution to repeal CPD requirements
  • TAS's letter urging the provincial and federal governments to improve the accessibility of the Halifax Law Courts
  • TAS's request for more investments in the justice system in Ontario’s 2023 budget
  • TAS's recommendation that the federal government consult with stakeholders about new lawyer reporting requirements in the Income Tax Act

January 2023 Advocates in ActionJanuary 2023: A Year in Review. Catch up on the highlights of TAS's advocacy work from 2022 in this special edition of Advocates in Action. Thank you to all of the volunteers from coast to coast to coast who support our important work on access to justice, judicial independence, diversity and inclusion and more.