Thanks to the hard work and talent of our many members volunteers, The Advocates' Society regularly makes submissions on policy and legislation on behalf of advocates.

These are the factors that our Board of Directors consider in determining whether to take on an advocacy project in a case before the Courts:

  • Is the issue of broad relevance to the profession?
  • Does the issue affect:
    • Access to justice
    • The practice of law by advocates
    • Procedural matters of broad application
    • The right to counsel
    • The independence of the bar
    • The administration of justice
    • An issue of law that is of importance to the proper representation of parties before courts or tribunals
  • Does The Advocates’ Society have the staff time and resources required to undertake the project?
  • Are other legal organizations taking or planning to take a position?
  • Does the issue have a beneficial impact on broad members of the legal system?
  • Are there possible reputational risks, costs exposures or like concerns?

Submission Requests and Media Inquiries:

Dave Mollica,
Director of Policy and Practice
416-597-0243 x 125

Selected Submissions

Click here for a list of The Advocates' Society's Submissions.