Additional Articles and Sources

Alberta Master Raps Knuckles of Childish Lawyers
Legal Feeds

Be the Better Person
Canadian Lawyer

A Lawyer's Duty to Society
Sylvia Corthorn
and Reena Goyal

A Lawyer's Duty to the Profession
Tracy L. Wynne
and Daniel A. Schwartz

A Lawyer's Duties to Clients and Witnesses
Linda Plumpton
and Peter Henein

A Lawyer's Duty to the Court
Robert Bell
and Caroline Abela

A Lawyer's Duty to Opposing Counsel
Peter J. Lukasiewicz, Thomas Arndt, Jessica Bolla and Martine Ordon

A Lawyer's Duty to Ensure Access to Justice
William McDowell
and Usman M. Sheikh

A Dissenter's Commentary on the Professionalism Crusade
Rob Atkinson

Chief Justice of Ontario's Advisory Committee on Professionalism - Papers from Colloquia

Law as a Learned Profession: The Forgotten Mission Field of the Professionalism Movement
Rob Atkinson

How the Butler Was Made to Do It: The Perverted Professionalism of The Remains of the Day
Rob Atkinson

Additional Resources


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United States of America

Authors: Rhode, William Simon, Hazard Jr., David Wilkins, Anthony Kronman, Mary Ann Glendon, Robert Gordon, Andrew Kaufman, Garry Bellow, David Luban, etc.