The Award of Justice

The Award of Justice

The Advocates' Society Award of Justice is intended to honour advocates who exemplify the finest traditions of advocacy in representing members of our society whose cause may be politically or socially unpopular or against the mainstream, and who make a substantial contribution to achieving the goal of social justice by championing the rights and liberties that are the foundation of democracy.
2021 Award Recipient

Congratulations to David C. Nahwegahbow, IPC, LSM

Congratulations to David C. Nahwegahbow, IPC, LSM, of Nahwegahbow, Corbiere Genoodmagejig, recipient of The Award of Justice. The award will be presented at End of Term on June 17, 2021.
The recipient of the Award of Justice will be an advocate who:
  • best combines the highest standards of advocacy with the role of representation of the unpopular or disadvantaged;
  • is a skilled advocate who has demonstrated the courage and the integrity to represent citizens or causes that may be politically or socially unpopular or against the mainstream; and
  • who ensures that the law operates to protect them as it does to protect those who are within the mainstream.
The recipient must be a lawyer in good standing of a Law Society in a Province or Territory of Canada. Membership in The Advocates' Society is not required.

Past Recipients:
1997 - Raj Anand
1999 - Jeffery H. Wilson
2000 - Barbara L. Jackman
2003 - M. David Lepofsky
2006 - Jacquie Chic
2008 - Susan M. Vella
2010 - Lawrence Greenspon
2012 - James Lockyer
2015 - Joseph J. Arvay, Q.C.
2018 - Marlys Edwardh, C.M., LSM
About the Statue:

Award of Justice StatueThe Award of Justice was designed and executed by Canadian sculptor Ivaan Kotulsky. The gryphon has heraldic significance and ancient connection with the law. It was said to be the offspring of a lion and an eagle, and Sir Thomas Browne records that it is emblematic of watchfulness, courage, perseverance and rapidity of execution. The emblem has been used privately to some extent, but was, at a very early time, adapted by Gray's Inn. This may have been the beginning of its association with the law.