Call for Nominations

The Ontario Class Action Bench-Bar Liaison Committee is calling for nominations for up to six members of the bar to join the Committee for a two year term, beginning January 2020.
The Committee is a bench-bar committee composed of judges from most judicial regions of the Province, and up to 12 bar members. The purpose of the Committee is to develop practice initiatives to improve the conduct of class proceedings, and to facilitate communication between the class action bench and bar. The practice initiatives pursued by the Committee may contribute to the development of practice directions or inform future legal reform projects. Please click here for the Committee’s terms of reference.
The Committee is currently working on projects dealing with: case management, costs, funding, and standardized filings.
Any member of the bar in Ontario is eligible to self-nominate or to be nominated. Appointments to the Committee are made by the Committee, after consultation with the OBA and The Advocates’ Society, and are subject to approval by the Associate Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Justice. The Committee aims to ensure, to the extent reasonably possible, that it is representative of both plaintiff and defence perspectives, regionally representative, gender representative and representative of equity seeking groups. Membership in the OBA or The Advocates’ Society is not a requirement for membership on the Committee.
Appointments of up to six bar members will be made in November 2019.  Any interested candidate should send an email to the Committee’s Chair, David Outerbridge, at, by no later than Friday, November 8, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. The email should include biographical information about the candidate that is relevant to the work of the Committee, and a brief explanation of the candidate’s interest in the Committee. The candidate may elect whether to disclose information relevant to the types of representativeness noted above.