Message from TAS Executive Committee on 2023 LSO Bencher Election

Posted on April 6, 2023

Voting for the 2023 Law Society of Ontario bencher election opens Wednesday, April 19 and closes Friday, April 28. As lawyers, we have the privilege of being a self-regulating profession. Self-regulation is a critical aspect of ensuring the independence of the bar. With the privilege of self-regulation comes the responsibility to vote in an informed manner for those who will discharge the Law Society’s important duty to regulate the profession in the public interest.

TAS upholds several core values that we believe are relevant to the upcoming Bencher election. These values include a commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in the legal profession in Canada, as reflected in TAS’s Statement on Diversity and our Leadership Principles. They also include a commitment to championing collegiality and mentoring within the profession, to ensuring that all members of the profession feel included and respected, and to addressing any barriers to participation that may arise from unconscious bias or discrimination.

TAS contributes to enhancing the competence of advocates to serve their clients through professional development and skills-based training. TAS engages in initiatives that improve access to justice and defend the independence of the bar and the judiciary. Our members give back to their communities, including through the provision of pro bono services to those in need.

As a voluntary, non-profit association of members across Canada, we are committed to open, transparent, and accountable governance. TAS expects our leaders to act with dedication and professionalism. We treat each other with courtesy and respect. We aim for continuous improvement and value diverse perspectives. We believe these principles are equally important for the regulation of the legal profession.

We ask you to consider these important values and to support candidates who will help us achieve our collective vision for advocates and the future of the legal profession.

You can find out more about the candidates in the Law Society of Ontario’s Voting Guide for Lawyers.

The Advocates' Society's Executive Committee