TAS Signature Series

Focused. Timely. Practical.

At TAS, our focus is always on you - the learner. That’s why we’ve created the TAS Signature Series to offer a more comprehensive and targeted way for you to hone your advocacy skills. Series programs are available in a variety of lengths and formats, so there’s something for everyone!

Most TAS Signature Series offer multiple sessions, allowing you to maximize your learning by signing up for all sessions in a series or customize with the sessions that best suit your needs. The choice is yours!
The Building Block Series
Take your advocacy skills to new heights with this intensive and practical series. Delivered in targeted sessions, or "blocks", over several months, this series will provide you with a concentrated and interactive learning experience. Each block builds on the preceding block in a series of focused and progressive sessions on a single core advocacy skill. Stay tuned for more information about our next Building Blocks Series in the fall of 2024

Advocacy Hour Series
Sometimes, you need guidance on a very specific skill set that you’ll need for an upcoming hearing. Sometimes, you want to learn about a particular area of advocacy to have in your back pocket. And sometimes, you’ve only got an hour to dedicate to your learning needs. Learn more.

Artificial Intelligence for Litigators Series
There is a growing sentiment that artificial intelligence will not replace litigators, but litigators who use it will replace those who do not. Now is the time to stop playing catch-up. Stay ahead of the curve with our brand new Artificial Intelligence for Litigators series, which is designed to help you understand how to harness the power of AI in your practice. Learn more.