The Advocate's Advocate

For a Strong, Independent and Courageous Bar

“I consider this first meeting of the Society an historic occasion. In these times of unrest, when the rights and liberties of the people are slowly being infringed upon and taken away...we need more than ever a strong, independent and courageous bar.” -Isadore Levinter, Q.C., May 17, 1965

Robust, effective advocacy. It’s what The Advocates’ Society has been promoting since its inception in 1963. For 60 years, we have been a trusted resource for thousands of advocates across Canada who want to learn, teach, connect and best serve their clients and the justice system. Our Board of Directors, Standing Committees and Staff have, for six decades, continued the commitment to advocacy and access to justice that began with our Founding Members. 

Our Mission Statement


Building Skills and Networks

Our mandate is to help advocates become leaders inside and outside the courtroom. To that end, we offer our members these valuable resources:

Savings on Our Innovative CPD Curriculum

Experience our marquee continuing professional development conferences and signature learning-by-doing programs in our state-of-the-art Education Centre. Hone your advocacy skills under the guidance of our trained instructors. Track your CPD hours easily and conveniently using your online member profile.

Access to Your Professional Community
Find a member or get a referral using our online membership directory. Connect with colleagues and explore current topics in your area through our active Practice Groups. Expand your networks with the bench and bar at our year-round roster of social events. Access – or become part of – our experienced mentor network, either online or in-person at local mentoring events. Keep up-to-date on the latest News with our magazines, newsletters and best practice publications.

Opportunities to Get Involved
Become an active part of our community. Share your skills and experience by teaching and mentoring the next generation of great advocates. Help ensure a strong, courageous, independent bar by joining one of our Task Forces or leading a Practice Group. Build your profile, and share your knowledge and expertise by contributing to our publications and blogs. Find out how you can get involved.