The David Stockwood Memorial Prize

The David Stockwood Memorial Prize

The Advocates' Society and Stockwoods LLP established the David Stockwood Memorial Prize to honour the contribution of David Stockwood, Q.C., LSM, who served as the editor of The Advocates' Society Journal from 1991 - 2008.
2020 Award Winner:

2020 David Stockwood Award Winner Gina Addario-Berry

Congratulations to Gina Addario-Berry, Eyford Partners LLP, recipient of the 2020 David Stockwood Memorial Prize for her article, "Emotion and advocacy: Optimizing outcomes for conflict resolution". The article was published in The Advocates' Journal Fall 2020 issue. Click here for member-only access to The Advocates' Journal Archive.
Selection Criteria:

The Advocates' Society will award a prize of $1,000 to the author of a previously unpublished, advocacy-related article, judged for its merit by a panel. The winning submission will be published in The Advocates' Journal. In recognition of the effort David made to advance the careers of younger members of the profession, we particularly encourage submissions from lawyers in their first 10 years of practice.

The recipient of the award must be a lawyer in good standing with the Law Society of the respective province or territory in which he or she practices and is not required to be a member of The Advocates' Society. Articles must be a maximum of 3,500 words in length, submitted electronically in Word format.
Past Recipients:

2009 - Pamela D. Pengelley
2012 - John Adair
2014 - David Campbell
2016 - Erin Pleet
2018 - Evan Thomas