TAS releases much-anticipated Modern Advocacy Task Force Final Report

Posted on June 14, 2021

Today, The Advocates' Society's Modern Advocacy Task Force releases its Final Report, entitled The Right to be Heard: The Future of Advocacy in Canada.  This Report marks the culmination of a year of extensive research and analysis, widespread consultation with stakeholders across Canada, and balanced deliberations regarding the Task Force’s recommendations.

The COVID-19 pandemic required Canadian courts to make massive changes virtually overnight. In its recommendations, the Task Force seeks to expand and build upon those adaptations, while preserving the elements of advocacy which are crucial for meaningful and substantive access to justice.  The Report concludes with a summary of the key principles which emerged from the consultation process and a set of recommendations, including a model framework for determining the mode of hearing for different types of matters, suitable for adaptation in rules of court or practice directions.

Throughout its work, the Task Force heard from judges, lawyers and other stakeholders about the need for a sustainable, accessible and open justice system in which litigants and the public can have confidence and of which all Canadians can be proud. The Task Force adds its voice to the call to action to take tangible steps to address access to justice in Canada.

"This report is a must read for lawyers who want to work to maintain and improve upon our system of justice for the people of Canada," said Guy Pratte, President of The Advocates’ Society. "It is a valuable resource for judges who must make decisions every day and who are looking for ways to protect our system while increasing its efficiency. It contains important recommendations, and cautions, for politicians and those within government who are responsible for supporting the justice system."

Read The Right to be Heard: The Future of Advocacy in Canada here (digital version / print-friendly version).

Learn more about the Modern Advocacy Task Force here.